Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dining at The Shed Review - Santa Fe

About a block east of  Santa Fe Plaza is a creative cookery known simply as The Shed.  This establishment is the only place that we returned to eat at a second time. We even braved an hour and fifteen minute wait; it is that good.  The food served is mainly Northern New Mexican cuisine, with a lot of blue corn tortillas and chilies.  Strangely and eccentrically, a basket of buttered garlic bread is served with each meal.  They get all of their chilies from Hatch, NM, which means that they are the best in the world.  Those chilies are processed in their mill daily so freshness is guaranteed.  I seemed to develop a taste for these chilies that is difficult to satiate back in Dallas.  We had three favorite restaurants in Santa Fe.  This was one of them.  If you come to Santa Fe, you have to eat at this spot.

To get to the shed, you take Palace Ave a block east from Santa Fe Plaza, and look for this entrance to a small courtyard.

 They share this small courtyard with a few knickknack shops, and it is decked out with Christmas lights

Gnarley looking fellow 

 Be prepared for a long wait.  This is one of Santa Fe's top restaurants, and being moderately priced, it attracts both tourmongers and locals alike.

 They have a well stocked bar and serve margaritas that are every bit as good as we get here in Texas
 The kitchen, where the magic happens, is unassuming and open.  I always feel more comfortable peeking in the kitchen, though this practice stems from eating in third world dumps.

 Our first night at The Shed, we were seated at this little table 

 We ordered corn chips 

 with salsa and guacamole.  Kristin insists that this guacamole is the best she has ever had.  It is worth noting that she is an expert on the topic of guacamole.
 Also, Santa Fe has some great Microbrews.  On the table here is a Santa Fe October fest which was quite good.  I really really liked the Marble Brewery IPA.  It was the best local beer I had in Santa Fe.  If you ever come across one on a menu, order it.  
 Looking at these pictures is absolute torture for me.  This is a blue corn burrito, stuffed with beans, cheddar cheese and onions, then baked and topped with green and red chilies and cheese.
 Pollo Adobo - chicken roasted in red adobe marinade, oregano, and garlic.  Believe it or not, somewhere in there is a blue corn cheddar enchilada. 

 This is me, satisfied 

 Some flowers and a painting 

 A Chef 

 One last view of the courtyard, which is a great place to have a margarita during your wait for a table

The low door that you can pass through to leave


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