Thursday, November 11, 2010

Taos - where mountains meet sky and rellenos meet mouth

  The rubber met the road in beautiful fashion en route to Taos.  I am sure of that much.  But how was actual Taos?  Quaint, quiet and tasty.  The air had a crisp snap to it, and I could sense the snow just waiting to dump down on this village 7000 ft up in the New Mexican highlands.  With the ski season still several weeks away, we had the place to ourselves.  We visited with expat Brazilian painters and local entrepreneurs.  We tasted chile rellenos and checked out some local residences.  Taos is a small town, but with an over-sized personality that stays with you long after you have departed.

A herd eats

 Upon arrival, we ate some of the best food of our lives at Relleno's, which I describe in greater detail here.

 The architecture retains the pueblo southwestern flair that lends the general area so much character.

 Has we ascended higher and higher, the surroundings began to look the part

 A furry friend gazes into the lens

 Taos was pretty quiet during our visit.  Towards the end of November, once ski season begins, it will be packed.

 A bench in Taos plaza 

 Peppers hang everywhere 

 Taos plaza is crammed full of shops

 Like this toy store 

 Really good use of colors 

 We decided to take a walk along the back-roads of Taos.

 A quaint home 

 We saw lots of skeletons, and we figured it was a nod to Dia de Los Muertos.

 A spot in the shade 

 Kristin petting a horse 

 A cool looking Inn.  I really like the use of the term "inn" around these parts.

 Ice Cream 

An open door 

 We were given a tip to check out a nearby bridge called The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.  It was a short drive outside of Taos, passing meadows of foraging cattle set to a backdrop of snow capped mountains.  It was the sort of drive that makes me fond of road-trips.  Here some locals sell their wares next to the bridge.

 The gorge carves deep into the earth, and we noticed several big horn sheep frolicking on the cliffs.

 The bridge was very lengthy, swaying back and forth with each passing truck.

 Big Horn Sheep 

 More sheep 

 The road back to Taos

 Back in Taos, we bummed around the eerily quiet plaza

 Bike and Toy Store 

 With the sun setting, we began our trip back to Santa Fe 

 New Mexico does a damn fine sunset 

 A Taos Pub 

  Sometimes you have to pull over and just get the damn shot. The long road home, Taos to Santa Fe.


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