Monday, November 1, 2010

Dogs of Santa Fe - The Great Furmonsters of the Southwest

I have quite a few updates to do about our recent trip to Santa Fe.  I am going to try and do one per day, maybe more, perhaps less.  Santa Fe blew us away.  So much so in fact, we have already looked at apartments and scouted jobs in the region.  Some recurring themes such as great food, unique architecture, art, nice people, lots of dogs, and gorgeous surroundings planted Santa Fe as one of our favorite places in the world.  For this entry though, I will speak only of dogs.

With, it is a common theme for me to include a daily picture of a dog that is crowned "Furmonster of the Day."  Through this feature, a diverse array of four legged furmonsters have been appointed champion in countries all over the world.  In Santa Fe, the sheer magnitude of canine personalities moved me to include an entire entry about the friends we met while in Santa Fe.

 After walking around the plaza and seeing all stripe and badge of dog, we knew Santa Fe was a great dog town, but it was not until Friday evening that we stumbled upon the motherlode.  While footing it to a nearby restaurant for dinner, we walked passed a shop called Zoe and Guido's, a very chic and fun pet boutique.  We saw a sign in the window, "Small dog Halloween Party 6-9."  After basking in the splendor of this serendipity, we pulled open the door and waltzed into a haven filled with small costumed dogs.  We had missed the rush, which was disappointing, but had a great time visiting with the remaining party animals.  We were also informed of a costume contest to be held the following afternoon.  We were so there.

 The contest the following day was a great time.  A giant named Hugo (Saint Bernard) wont the costume contest, but all applicants seemed to shine in their own way.  There was Maggie the poodle dressed up as a skeleton and Coco the devil.  The owner of the boutique, dressed as Ms. Havisham, presided over the contest with several other human admirers.  It was a great time. Below are pictures from all over Santa Fe. 

 A distant cousin of Libby's searched for scraps in Chimayo

 This fella in Taos gave my camera the eye 

 One of our favorite furmonsters of the trip was Ella, this gray poodle named after Ella Fitzgerald 

 She was big girl and just loved attention 

 Great smile and check out her eyelashes

 Hard not to love this face 

 One moment you are sitting around staring at humans 

The next you are meeting similar friends in Santa Fe plaza

 A goldendoodle or "dood" saunters up and shows off his golden locks

 This papillon looking Chihuahua was traveling with its owners through Santa Fe.  He was really curious about the camera.

 A Welsh Corgi suspiciously glances back

 I love this little Pomeranian's markings 

 He looks like he has a head of hair!

 A poodle apprehensively looks on at the festivities, from the outskirts

 This is precious Maggie dressed up as a skeleton 

 A smiling poodle with a silver party hat 
 The canine handshake 

 This little one was having a great time at the little dog party party

 I believe this guy placed in the top 3 at the costume contest 

 The owner of Zoe and Guido's, dressed as Ms. Havisham 

 A little rescue poodle with her owner 

 Hugo, the St. Bernard, getting dressed up for a convincing run at the championship 

 Spiderman and a lizard 

 A firefighter trots by 

 Saying hello
 There were two Spiderdogs, this one 

 And this shy cute pup

 Coco defiantly wearing her horns around her neck 
 The full costume, with a little help 

 Hugo is crowned champion.   He basks in the afterglow of his accomplishment with this massive bonety.  He sat like this in the middle of the store for several minutes; his prize laid out for all to admire.

 Hugo is a managing partner of "Fido's Bed and Biscuit," a bed and breakfast for dogs in Santa Fe

 Peaking through his ghost holes 

 The little poodle finally warmed up to me 

 The poodles bodyguard sniffed at me suspiciously, finally letting me pass 

 I was granted an awkward handshake from her highness

Maggie and her owner say goodbye to us 


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