Thursday, August 20, 2015

8/19, what is it you say you do around here?

This is a new feature I will be doing. Menguin (a company I started with some friends) is seeing tremendous growth. I feel like it will be an interesting story to watch us grow over the next year or so. I will obviously have to omit a lot of names of investors and other sensitive information. That is boring stuff anyways. Not as exciting as what I have for lunch.

Honestly, one of my favorite things about goboogo is how I can look back and see what Kristin and I did for years as we traveled the world. The original intention of this was to create something that we would enjoy for decades to come.  I want to have the same documentation with my life as a CEO and entrepreneur.

Also everyday I got to bed at the end of the day and ask myself, "What the hell did I do today?" This will answer that.

607am - Wake up with 8 minutes left before alarm clock goes off, begrudgingly extricate self from bed
630am – Eat some toast, make some tea, get in car, all very solemnly
645am – Leave house, it looks terrible out. check doppler, realize I will be driving in a storm for next 3 hours to my meeting
800am – Stop to use restroom in pouring Ozark storm, soaked from head to toe, step in deep puddle in my leather shoes

900am – Stop to get gas
930am – Forgot to get snack with gas, so I stop to get snack
955am – Arrive at meeting, realize it is an actual pitch and not an informational session, sneak off to bathroom and email myself a pitch deck I emailed to someone else last week so I look organized
10am – Pitch goes better than usual, top 5 material
1115am – Say goodbyes, leave pitch
1130 – Check Doppler, realize, I will be driving in rain and storms for next three hours
1230pm – Pull over to have conversation with customer
115pm – Pull over to have a chat with a vendor who keeps calling, she reminds me my VM is full and my default greeting at that point is a Chewbacca roar from back when I was in my early twenties. I notice I have 60 missed calls.
245pm – Stop by house and consume sandwich in 5 minutes
250pm – Stop to buy juice on way to office
305pm – Arrive at office
315pm – Talk about unpasteurized juice for like 10 minutes
330pm – Follow-up with investors and other connections from day before
345pm – Sit with designer to go over mocks and plans and final drafts of new Menguin stuff
500pm – Start pulling data and looking and week to week trends on our business (which is moving almost too fast to understand)
530pm – Attend local event in basement of office building, wonder if one can drink too much unpasteurized vegetable juice
535pm – Listen to speaking event with John James, one of our early investors, while drafting emails to team and making small content adjustments to site
700pm – Network with people, meet some good video and dev people, say hi to familiar faces
750pm – Pack up stuff and head home
800pm – Talk fantasy football with roommates for a few minutes, notice Kurt has built a massive fantasy football spreadsheet with pretty intimidating conditional formatting
810pm – Go for a jog, it is like 65 out, which is unexpected, I barely sweat and it is nice but not very rewarding
830pm – Make same dinner I have had for 3 nights in a row – chicken from the grill on wheat tortillas with spinach and arugula – it is acceptable
900pm – Look at trend data while watching this weeks Hard Knocks, get excited about Clowney finally suiting up in a reg season game  
1000pm – Talk to Kristin, who unfortunately lives in Dallas, daughter is asleep so no facetime check in, she tells me a hilarious story about some house value to income advice she received
1030pm – Do some blogging, look at customer service stuff for the day, stare at the Menguin trello board dumbfounded for a solid 30 minutes
1130pm – Do some travel research
1230am – Go to bed  


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