Monday, August 10, 2015

The heart of Tokyo - Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo is like an octopus. It has many hearts. At its heart of hearts though is the Imperial Palace, covering a massive expanse of open space and shaded paths on perhaps the most valuable land in the world. During the peak of the Japanese boom in the 1980's, the Imperial Palace grounds were valued higher than all of the real estate in California, combined. That was a bubble, but still, fucking crazy.

 Opposite the park are banks and other prestige

 Kristin punches a well manicured bush 

 A Samurai 

 Palace grounds 

 Guarded entry 


 CLose up, looking tough 

 The old palace

 Some trees

 Mash up 

 Feed me 

 Love the contrast here 

 Some kind of ninja leaf blower

 A classic Edo era roof

 An oasis 

 Bamboo, controlled?

 A very strange building I know nothing about - looks like something out of Montenegro 

The heart