Saturday, August 8, 2015

The old Delta 747 - second floor business class

It seems like a distant memory now, but working for Delta was pretty cool. As an employee, I would just look for open seats to interesting places, call Kristin from work, and say something like, "The business class seats upstairs are open on the 747 to Tokyo later today, you want to go to Japan?"

Of course everything has a cost and sometimes it is not a number. Traveling completely freely with Delta for about two years will always be something I look back at fondly, no matter how many companies I build or places I go. I took about eight weeks of vacation in a year there, and nobody really gave a shit. That is pretty cool. I got paid great to do pretty cool work that was not hard; that is pretty awesome. But in the end I could do my daily job in about 40 minutes and its impact on the grand scheme was dubious at best. Everything has a cost, time above all else. Don't settle. Even if it comes with free business class flights anywhere in the world.

Kristin enjoying a trip to Japan in the old business class seats upstairs on the 747


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