Friday, August 21, 2015

8/20, Thanks for calling Menguin, this is Justin, how can I help you?

819am - Wake up peacefully, long before my alarm
830am - Eat toast, make some Assam tea. I also stared at some yogurt I bought last week for about a minute before deciding, for the fifth day in a row, that it is not yet time for yogurt. An Asian friend once told me that many people from Asia think that Americans all smell like yogurt. It has been hard for me to eat it ever since. But I still by it.

845am - Remember to make myself lunch, and get very excited that I remember - the startup life really wreaks havoc on your memory
900am - Arrive at office, told by Bogdan that we were on the Bert show in ATL (Later in day we received a wedding party conversion that actually told us they "heard about Menguin on the radio" - I wish all attribution was this cut and dry 
910am - Write list for day in my "leadership journal"
915am - Decided I would start writing a bullet point based list blog, and cranked out yesterdays blog
940am - Look at whats going on in Trello, visit with Kurt, see what carolyn is up to
1000am - start writing a series of honeymoon blogs, only able to think of 7 great honeymoon destinations in Central America  
1115am - Talk to Bogdan about marketing strategy, realize a little after 1130 that I am late for a call with another startup 
1135am - Call into conference line to talk about a partnership 
1200pm - Take a series of customer calls for a number of things including errors on our website
100pm - Eat the lunch I remembered to bring, drink a bunch of juice 
120pm - Work through my to do list 
300pm - Meet with Kurt and University of Arkansas people to try and hire a bunch of students 
400pm - Put on headphones, pull data, open excel, do a bunch work that is gratifying and of potentially dubious benefit 
530pm - Work with Becca the designer on some stuff while making model in excel 
630pm - Phone calls and other correspondence
730pm - Leave the office
800pm - Watch RG3 some preseason football, realize I have nothing to eat for dinner, go jogging
830pm - Heat up one of those terrible Evol frozen meals that I later find out is expired, it is awful
843pm - Eat a dreamsicle
850pm - Take a customer call 
900pm - Sit down on couch and start pulling data, realize we are already way way way over are forecast for the month - things have been crazy - look at our far out build 
930pm - Debate about episode of Rick and Morty, watch some preseason football, wonder what other people from business school are up to, stalk people on linkedin
1000pm - Blog and get on customer service chat platform on
1030pm - Watch videos about our competition, read about our competition, think about ways we can always be better
1202am - Go to bed after watching regular show on cartoon network


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