Saturday, August 22, 2015

8/21, Getting Iced by the coolest dev around

745am - wake up, get on phone to answer emails in bed, realize it has been weeks since I have done this terrible habit
815am - Get first call of the day about a Chinese pecan deal, tell the person I am in the shower
830am - Chat with Kurt in kitchen and make breakfast, pack for trip to Dallas

900am - Arrive at office, look through trello at new designs and copy
930am - Call about hiring a bunch of people for Menguin
1000am - Work with designer and on due diligence documents
1159am - Stop by Stonemill Bakery - they have the most incredible Cajun sandwich on jalapeno cornbread
1215pm - Answer door to meet Jacob, he has a big bag of lays and is eating chips out of it. He offers the bag to me, I reach in and grab a Smirnoff ice. I find out later that this event was days in the making. Half a bag of lays was even destroyed for balance and weight believe-ability. He got me good. I drank the Smirnoff Ice immediately and got a mild buzz. The last icing on this site was 5 YEARS AGO 
1230pm - work with Jacob on cool side project
230pm - Back at office, work with designer, look through mocks
300pm - Meet with leadership coach
400pm - Due diligence
600pm - leave for airport
720pm -  Eat ham sandwich at airport
730pm - Start reading "Trust me, I'm lying" - probably won't read every word but just skim, though first pages are entertaining and provocative in a forced kind of way
810pm - Work on a deck on the plane
900am - Land in Dallas, forced to wait for bag I was forced to check like some dickhead in the jet way because we were on a CRJ700
915pm - Find Kristin and Harper, drive to parents house
1200pm - Go to bed after playing some trivia with Kristin


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