Thursday, July 30, 2009

Final Tally

1 is very bad
5 is average
10 is impossible

Hong Kong - 9.25
Macau - 5.5
Bangkok - 6.5
Cambodia - 9
Phuket - 7.5
Phi Phi Islands - 8.25
Bali - 8.75
Kuala Lumpur - 7
Kota Kinabalu - 7.75
Singapore - 6.75

We genuinely enjoyed are time everywhere, and even Macau's tepid 5.5 was a cherished experience.  I originally intended to do a short impressions write up on each place now that I finally have the time to actually communicate properly, but I am going to allow the trip to sink in a little more.  The whole trip, these blogs were generally written very late, with the thoughts of the day messily spilling off of my fingertips and on to the computer screen.  I felt like I was crudely smearing our experiences out across the blog in words, and I would lament my omissions and errors like an obsessive hypochondriac without a doctor, since I had no time to nitpick.  If you know me well, then you know how difficult this was for me to share a very crude, rushed, generally unfinished product with the world.  I am profoundly grateful for everyone that read the blog, and I know Kristin is too.  It was a great experience and we were both blown away by how many of you tuned in.  See you on the next trip you loons!