Thursday, July 16, 2009

Roaming the countryside with Ketut (Ubud, Bali)

Our huge room at Green Field - rooms are very cheap in Ubud

View from our room

Our hotel pool

Our first stop with Ketut was Monkey Forest

It is filled with macaques contemplating

Sitting peacefully

Eating sweet potatoes


That does not look good at all

A failed escape

In Monkey Forest

Huge tree

Balinese leave offerings everywhere

One more monkey

A rice field on the way to Mount Batur

Our view at lunch

of Mount Batur - a huge volcano

Small coastal village


This lady really wanted to sell Kristin this sarong, of course she
bought it and even tried to justify buying a second one

One more picture of the mountain

A small puppy on the street

just hanging out, dog days

In the Tirta Empul - Tampaksiring

Huge Banyon Tree - all big temples have
at least one and they are sacred

Temple Entrance - each temple has 3 sections,
the first is for preparation, the second is for
concentration and the third is for praying

Better angle of temple entrance - Ketut washing

This spring cleans soul, body, and mind.  In the
background, one can see the old presidential
palace up on the hill

This one fountain is only for the deceased - and is called
Tirtha Pangentas

Kristin and Ketut talking, in holy areas, one
must wear a sarong and a sash, hindus receive

Kristin and I with our sarongs

Praying and getting a blessing

with water from this natural spring.  The water always stays at this
level, regardless of rain or drought

A street outside of Gunung Kawi

A mask and fabric store

lazy corner

These birds just rolled up on the scene like a gang.

And after having a brief conversation,

rolled up on the rival gang.


Rice Terraces

Gunung Kawi - carved into stone

A rice field scene

Some Indonesian kids

Sleeping Indonesian dog

A small chick about to safely cross the street

Some kids

Temple Rules

Huge Tree at Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah fountains, this site dates back to
the 11th century and is very mysterious

The elephant cave at Goa Gajah, a dark dank place of worship

Closeup of less than welcoming entry

Some purple flowers

An ornate mens restroom at Tepi Sawah -
our second hotel of the day

Our huge bedroom at Tepi Sawah - the bathroom is the size of our
entire room in Hong Kong

The bathroom, which came with flower petals in the tub, note outdoor
shower to the left

Our dinner table on our terrace

Kristin with a flower in her hair

Glamor Shots

We saw alot of kites flying overhead around dusk

A farmer feeding his beasts

Our pool area

Kristin sitting by the pool

Great picture by Kristin with a little man-cleave


  1. Hey you both look fantastic!! Those sarongs are quite fetching. Thanks for another "highlight". It is the best way to end the day that I have ever had!! Love, Grandma O

  2. Kristin, Justin, These pics are wonderful. I love enlarging them. Love Gram

  3. i enjoyed your post. esp. photos. i love puri goa ganesh. Fran

  4. I completely missed this blog ....monkey forest is the best.. Some peeps have to work and can't keep up with outdoor showers and huge bedrooms.. You look like u all are havin an awesome..memorable time..luv u.......

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