Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chanteek Menjangan Island, Bali

Today, Kristin and I hired a driver, boatman, and an underwater guide to take us snorkeling at the Menjangan Island Reefs.  Menjangan Island is part of the protected area of West Bali National Park.  It is a very famous dive and snorkeling site in far West Bali, and many people place it on their shortlist for best in the world.  We can both see why.

Java mountains

On our way to Menjangan

Our little boat that we had all to ourselves

Some corals

Yellow fish that would not let me get close enough

The drop off to the ocean below

Lots of life down here


My nemo shot

Dinner time, hard to tell in this pic, but this was a big fella

So much to see, obviously, this place blew our minds

A big clam

Pretty black, white, and pink fish

They looked like they were on their way somewhere important

Such beautiful colors

I think these are some kind of batfish

Thanks for the pic, Geda

It goes down really deep

Scorpion fish - very poisonous

Can you see him?

I saw this freak on my way up, he let me in close

Geda (our guide) and me taking a break from the chanteek (beautiful)


A bat cave, click through for all its batty glory

The temple on Menjangan Island

On our way to site number 2

The bigger red guy would climb right into your hands

A Moorish Idol

Some of the coral is so intricate you have to stop
and admire it

I took about 300 pictures underwater, most look like this

An exotic lobster

A weird large fish

Geda cradling a sea cucumber, man those things are weird
A fish cruising by

Medusa looking

This fish came to check us out, very friendly.

A Blue clam

Some crazy

This fish had the prettiest markings

Chasing the fish off

Another sea cucumber

Another cool fish escaping my lens


The deep beyond

We surface to this, wow


Our pool

Young Balinese girls practicing dance

Tomorrow, we have to get up real early to dive Secret bay, which is in between Java and Bali.  We will hopefully see some serious Strange there.


  1. Absolute breath taking underwater pics. Your poses are awesome as well. And to think God created all this beauty. Thanks for sharing such beauty. Love Gram

  2. Wow! Those pics rock! My favorite is the one of the two of you underwater. That needs to be your Facebook profile pic for sure! Don't go near that deep part! Love you both... Lisa

  3. What a sea of beauty and color!!!! U two add to it as well! Hurry up and come home I can't stand looking at all the fun u all are having(lol). Love the sea cucumber unusual...

  4. The underwater adventure is awesome!! I agree that the pic of the two of you underwater is great!! How exciting to be Justin and Kristin these days! Love you. Grandma O

  5. Very enjoyable shots - truly awe inspiring. You are very lucky to have been able to experience this.

  6. Hello there.

    I was browsing the internet and came across your great underwater photo's a menjangan dive. I have a facebook page where i promote my villa in Pemuteran and inform guests of what there is to do around Pemuteran. Would it be ok if i used some of your underwater pictures for a story i am planning about menjangan, some above water as well! They are great!

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