Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hitting the ground running (Hong Kong)

We took this picture after our morning workout and swim overlooking
Victoria Harbor

Tin Hau Temple, this lady covered her face in the photograph

Unfortunately we had to pay for subway tickets because we were too
tall.  The subway system in Hong Kong is the best I have ever used.

We have been enjoying the english on shirts over here like this
"Be Confident" fashion polo

No Smoking I will crazy

Women's toilet

View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak, we took an awesome tram
up to the peak for this view

Kristin enjoying the view

The tram that you must take to the peak, many wealthy people have
homes at the Peak

View of south side Hong Kong Island

This stuff was great, even Kristin enjoyed it

A luxury water shop

Chinese Lou

Walking between giants

Bank of China Tower, thought to impose negative feng shui on
surrounding buildings

In all the parks, there were hordes of ladies hanging out with
each other in groups of 4-15.  We found out later that many of
these women are Indonesian and Filipino maids enjoying their
day off

We took the subway over to the Kowloon side, which is connected
to mainland China, this is a picture from a southern Kowloon pier

Trying to find a place for lunch

Empty subway car

Entrance to Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple in new Kowloon

Temple - the place is filled with worshipers and
fortune tellers
Inside the temple


Thanks for reading You, sorry I am too tired to actually write tonight

Kristin and I, self timer FTW

Dragon statue - weird seeing these in their proper place

Just another commuter

From the desk in our room at sunset, Chinese junk in harbor

Zoom of Chinese junk

A protest in the streets

Closing time at booth in wet market

These ladies got pissed at us for taking a picture a second later



We are beyond tired.  We woke up very early and spent the entire day riding the subway throughout Hong Kong island and Kowloon.  I had some interesting commentary about our day, but sadly my mind is too confused with the time change and sleep deprivation to successfully articulate how amazing Hong Kong truly is.  We have a few more days to spend in this wonderful place, but tomorrow we head to China's Vegas - Macau. Wish us luck...


  1. Wow! The views of Hong Kong look amazing. Any interesting food adventures yet? I need to see some Andrew Zimmern type noshing ASAP.

  2. good weather that you can take some awsome photo

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