Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tanah Lot, Bali

The medical process in Indonesia is much like America's, except not at all.  There are doctors and medicine, but the similarities end there.  My throat felt a little raw this morning and I decided to inquire at the front desk about nearby pharmacies.  The next thing I know, we are being hauled away in a strange van, heading to go see the mysterious Dr. Manjeeb.  Manjeeb was a tall man, maybe 6 foot 4, and he stroked his beard as if it were a plump purring Persian cat.  After taking a deep pull off of his wooden pipe, he diagnosed me with a case of sinusitis.  "You go now," he said.  Okay, not really.  I was hoping that my visit to the doctor was strange and unusual, but the doctor was a pretty normal Balinese guy. He took my vitals and prescribed me some medicines.  After that, things actually got a little strange.  We had to meet him in an office, and while we waited, we watched an Indonesian music channel.  This group called Team Low was playing, and we gleaned that they were a sort of a Weird Al type band for Indonesia.  It was pretty hilarious stuff.  The doctor and his nurse then  wheeled out some luggage filled with meds.  They rummaged around and chose some medicine, and even threw in some extra for Kristin.  After that, we payed a small bill and then left.  The entire process took about 30 minutes.
We had a pretty uneventful day.  After having some great yellow watermelons for breakfast, we visited the doctor, and then spent the rest of the day around Tanah Lot.  Tanah Lot is a very famous Balinese sea temple.  We shopped alot, and tried to take it easy since neither of us felt too great.

Bali coastline

Tanah Lot and surf

One more rice field pic

A closer shot of the photogenic Tanah Lot

Me, forgot to wash my hair today

Some ducks just hanging out at low tide

A balinese man giving offerings to the sea

More ducks and tidepools

Hanging out

Another angle of Tanah Lot

Great painting, nope

A Balinese home

More MJ, dude was everywhere

Tanah Lot shopping area

Kristin's little buddy


We watched a ritual.  These people went down to the water, and did
some stuff, releasing...

This guy from a bag, and he just ran around, aimlessly

then they all marched to the sea

Kristin back at our hotel

Dramatic low tide

Some kids playing in the tide pools

A bat of some kind that we ran into at the market

Just hanging out

Empty worship area at dusk

Enjoying a Bev

It was made with some Balinese liquor

Our hotel which apparently has one hell of a golf course

Night Tanah Lot


  1. Thanks for visiting Tanah Lot Bali...

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