Friday, July 3, 2009

10000 Buddhas and Kowloon jamming (Hong Kong)

Here is a map of Hong Kong, for reference to location of our tales

Our room at the Novotel Citygate - very posh

Sleeping Beauty and Tweet - finally a comf bed!

Climb to 10000 Buddhas Temple

He was mocking my struggle to the top

Another angle with the top in sight

View of Kowloon suburbs from temple of 10000 Buddhas

Inside main temple - the walls are covered with Buddhas - 12,800
of them

Close up of wall

Dhalsim - yoga flame!

Offering Bowl

That blue head on the left was giving me the willies

Temple Grounds - the iconography spreads across many Buddhist

Tower at 10000 Buddhas temple

This was about 100 steps up from the temple

And this awesome statue

Chinese village in outlying territories

Kowloon at night - a rush of sights, sounds, and above all, smells

Nathan Road in the much more working class Kowloon

Kristin at Ladies Market aka Counterfeit Alley

Dinner at Felix at the Peninsula Hotel

The Peninsula Hotel entrance

Hong Kong Island Skyline at night

Kristin wanted me to convey this message - "HAPPY 4th of JULY RACH!!!!"

We are going to explore Lantau island today and then we leave for Bangkok tonight at 9, luckily we
have a 4pm checkout, but it looks like it may storm all day.

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  1. You are insane. Each day's blog would take me the whole day.