Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Arriving in Dubai at Al Qasr Madinat

 Our arrival in Dubai was not marred by the usual horrible cab driver negotiation tango.  No sir.  We were scooped up in this navigator and brought to our hotel - The Al Qasr Madinat.

 Comp. Perrier 

 She is calling herself my assistant and taking lots of notes.

 Dubai has no shortage of skyscrapers, hundreds of them stretch out for miles 

 The entrance to AL Qasr which means Palace and embodies the word perfectly 

 Even those pillows look palatial 

 Very Arabian architecture, built to resemble a Sheikh's summer home 

 Check in 


 This trip I have been looking up a lot more often 

 Entry, almost excessively nice 

 Stairs down to breakfast 

 Nice dress lady 

 hallway into room 

 Surprise!  We totally busted this lady making a towel elephant on our bed 

 View from room balcony.  It was a shame we were only here one night.

 We took many of these 


 Our room 

 The eyes

 Complimentary water and wrist band, after that they are $10 each 

 More view 


 hookah bar 

 An area to chill 

 Sheesha or Hookah pipes 

 The Burj AL Arab looming like an armadillo spaceship

 It is designed to look like a sail 

 It is a very striking building 

 Most expensive production car in the world parked right out front 

 Al Qasr exterior 

 Famous guys

 The waterways of Madinat are very nice 

 Great night boat ride 

 We decided to eat at a restaurant called Shimmers 

 We ate right on the beach 

 AL Qasr at night 

 I took these with me 

 Al Qasr architecture 

 Old guns 

 Breakfast honey 

 morning carb loading 

 Check out 

 The staff is all really cool looking. These giant African guys in white robes open up your car doors when you arrive.


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