Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Durbar Square in Patan

We took a ride over to Patan with our homeboy Monaj. Since it was the birthday of Buddha, we witnessed some sort of processional.  Taking it in like great travelers, we watched and talked about Nepal.  It is such a beautiful place.  With the mountains looming and Everest champions coming back with tales of the most extreme place on the planet, it is easy to fall in love with the lore of the rooftop of our world.  The pace of life in Kathmandu is frantic, but just a few miles in any direction are small Tibetan villages, soaring peaks, and lush rolling hills.  It has been days since I have passed a solid stool, but Nepal makes this sort of sacrifice worth it.  At times I regretted it, at times my heart soared, but in the end, Nepal added up way past the sum of its parts.  For every poisonous chicken mushroom dish, a snow capped monster soars.  For every traffic jam that seems inescapable, a quaint mountain village filled with tea-houses begs to be explored.  Patan seems to be the place where this truth materialized for me.  That, for every malady or setback, Nepal would reward me with the epic grandeur of an old magical kingdom. 

 Monks walk passed an old door 

 A procession of nuns


 The architecture - great 


 I visited this temple that houses the "god of business"

 Community bath 

 The ubiquitous elephant 

 A quiet courtyard 


 Lots of stuff going on here 

 We see a lot of kids playing this game - wheel 

 I love this 

 People in windows 

 Later he would pretend to shoot a gun at me; I fell to the ground as though wounded 

 Lots of terrible stuff in the details 

 This is how it feels 

 The game of wheel continues despite growing crowds 


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