Thursday, May 12, 2011

St. Croix is for lovers - Part 1

The beach in front of our home for the last week - The Palms at Pelican Cove
We came, we saw, we got married.  St. Croix will always be a special place for the new Delaney family.  After spending the last week with over seventy of our closest friends and family in the Virgin Islands, Kristin and I depart for another adventure.  I will be posting many pictures and detailing our exploratory whims with short vignettes.  Please stay tuned and check back frequently at  We arrive in Kathmandu on May 15. First things first, I will be sharing a few posts worth of pictures from St. Croix, wedding excluded. Those wedding photos will come much later.

 Travel buds Aaron and Amy

 Soon to be Mrs. Delaney 

 The weather looked iffy, but we were treated to five glorious days 

 Our perfect empty beach with a busting reef just inside the pelican break 

 Inside the Palms at Pelican Cove - a great hotel 

 The view from my balcony - no gripes here, except that it will diminish future views significantly 

 More from the balcony

 The swimming form of a champion

 Down the beach

 The ocean invokes excitement in some, quiet contemplation in others

 Buck Island looms in the distance

 Aaron Long got his modeling chops at a young age, decades of training and mental preparation grace this noble frame of footage

A Pelican

 The furmonster of the day, a harnessed oddfellow

 A bend in the beach

 The early arrivals

My last bachelor bed



Lana the MVB

 Peters finds a place to relax

Juston Williams the heir to Jesper

 Nathan Bellah, warming up to throw nine innings in the Virgin Islands

 Mike Delaney - relative and friend

 Kristin with an elaborate earring
 Christiansted at night

 An old mill turned into a bar

 stools await, the beers are cold

 An old boat

 An old staircase leading to the top of a mill on a cloudy night

 The Goerndt sisters reading the menu  at Brew Pub

 Kristin and Amy


 Very large fish in the harbor

 Peters making himself comfortable

 Megan and Dan

 Kristin posing with rum punch

 Most of the taxis on St. Croix are 15 passenger vans - handy for large groups

 Night falls over Pelican bay

 What I travel with

 My stuff

 Rarely do I make a trip without Perseus my childhood friend and good luck charm, last time I traveled without him I was robbed in Quito 

 The couple much earlier in the trip on the way to St. Croix


 Kristin and MIL

 Up from a snorkel session in pelican cove

 A crabby room mate

 Lana and Kristin jumping for joy


  1. Best week ever. Love you kids.

  2. Great to hear from you. Glad you made the trip in one piece. Pictures are great. Looking forward to many more.
    sorry we missed your call!

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