Sunday, May 22, 2011

King Tibs the Bold - Furmonster royalty at Hotel Courtyard in Kathmandu

Upon our arrival at the Hotel Courtyard in Kathmandu, the hotel gates swung open and a dog with the bouncy gait of an Arabian horse came racing towards our car.  It was Tibby, ruler of the Hotel Courtyard kingdom.  Sometimes racist (it is said that Coca Cola was not delivered for a month because the Nepalese delivery man would not come near Tibby and thus the hotel), always sauntering about like royalty, Tibby is one of the finest furmonsters ever encountered by the goboogo staff.

Some photos of our absolutely awesome hotel (Hotel Courtyard) in Kathmandu, home of Tibby, ran by a very cool couple that makes you feel like you have come home:






 Beds, we each have our own king size four poster 

 Just kidding 

 Sometimes you run across such a cool looking person that you have to stop and take a picture 



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