Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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Irma Returns
Last year in Lao we stayed in the jungle and had an encounter with a huge spider that the hotel named Irma. We all noticed it after dinner hanging out above our door. Ryan and I packed up shop and were ready to get the hell outta there. Justin and Megan did not think it would be good to leave during the night in search for another hotel in the jungles of Lao. So we stayed. It was pretty much the worst night ever.

We spent the last 2 nights in the jungle of Nepal.It was pretty awesome. I got to bathe an elephant AND touch its nose ( I will post more pics later) it was seriously the best day of my life.

So yesterday when I heard the words "uh oh, Irma returns" from Boo, I freaked. I grabbed Tweet and jumped on the bed with my camera.  This is a pretty funny video of Justin trying to kick Irma #2 out of our room. He did not know I was filming.

I am actually kinda glad Irma returned. I pulled the "I did not picture us having to escort a huge spider out of our room during our honeymoon" act, and squeezed out a trip to the Maldives! We were suppose to spend 8 days in Sri Lanka, 4 days in the jungle and 4 days on the beach. Instead of us going to the jungle we are going to the Maldives. This was my dream honeymoon location but it was a bit pricey and not adventurous enough for Justin. But he agreed this was not the ideal honeymoon setting he had in mind and so we booked a last minute deal to Male, Maldives....


  1. Already using random occurrences of nature to bend you husband to your will -- well played, Kristin, well played.

  2. Kristins mom and justins milMay 24, 2011 at 9:44 PM

    Luv the video of Irma #2 with Justin in his boxers(that's ur husband) that is so weird for me to say.... And Kristin what the h are u holding in the water, drop it, it looks infected.... Luv and miss my fam...

  3. so funny!! thanks for the laugh.. way to go "boo!!" Love the thumbs up at the end!

  4. Thanks Spencer, I have a feeling this won't be the last time I have to pull this maneuver..

    Mom it's the elephant trunk and that tip thing his his nose.. The elephant is laying in the water..

    Raaach did you read my first post a couple days ago? I think you were in Missouri then but I have a feeling you will like that post : )

    Miss everyone!! Thanks for reading Goboogo!!