Thursday, May 19, 2011

Passing though Changu Narayan

The Kathmandu valley is filled with medieval hamlets, rolling hills, brick factories, and goats.  We had a driver take us up the hillside into Changu Narayan.  

Bricks are pretty much everywhere and many villages owe their durability to the solid brick construction

Wheat fields 

A rural shop 

Blue doors

A view out over the valley 


We arrived at the village of Changu Narayan and wheat was everywhere drying in the streets 

A herded goat stops for a munch of wheat

A young villager of Changu Narayan 

The streets covered in wheat 

Wheat and prayer flags 


The public bath 

wheat seeds


Furmonster of the day - wheat pup


The mask maker 

An overgrown courtyard 

Changu Narayan temple 

Only Hindus are allowed to enter 

A griffon 

A bell 


That red stamp on the ground is for animal sacrifices

The temple in all its HDR glory 

A corner store 

Some Nepalese students 

Kristin and I 

Riding Garuda

Ladies beating their wheat 

Kristin Delaney 


Happy baby 


Wheat and brick 

Local kids of Changu Narayan

Very festive looking wheat processing 

Prayer Flags


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