Monday, May 23, 2011

A ton of pictures of Kathmandu with little to no explanation

Okay, its time for me to open up the floodgates on my photos.  I have been pretty stingy with them, but no more, you have earned it fair reader, behold a flood of Kathmandu... 

 BDB - big dumb bag 

 Kathmandu airport - very quiet place 

 Ah, the youth, similar everywhere

 We stayed in Thamel, an area of Kathmandu that has narrow lanes and a ton of shops 

 The ubiquitous Bryan Adams 


 You want rug

butter lamps 

 Thamel at night 


 Scarves, we bought many 


 More Thamel 

 Kind of like chips and salsa?  No

 local beer


 Chicken with nuts 


 I saw this guy like 5 times - very nice 

 empty roads 

 Playing jenga 

 Fath Kath bar - a pretty cool place filled with expats and travelers 

 probably not 

 The kids draw you in, but the sign makes you long for more 

 Monkey and man living in harmony 

YES!  Tibs

 A restaurant called New Orleans 


 Tibetan momos - stuffed dumplings with chicken, cheese, veggies, or buffalo 

 Monaj showing us his city 

 It was Buddha's birthday, so the crowds were huge
 butter lamps 

 large prayer wheel 

 Clean water for the masses

 Stairs leading up to Monkey Temple or Swayambhunath 

 View from Swayambhunath 

 At the top 

 Checking out the city 

 It was really crowded, so much so, I believe the monkeys were hiding 

 Monaj and Kristin - the man had 9 girlfriends last year before getting bored.  We brought him out for pizza for lunch.

 Nepalese break dancers 

 "Are you seeing this man?"

 "All I have our these damn Nepalese co..." ...ah never mind

 A makeshift fairground erupted out of a dusty field - and it was good 

 Ferris wheel 

 That guy hanging from one of the carriages had to manually crank the wheel 

 Buddha park - also packed 

 Sweet collar 

 traffic jam 

 a fan 

 Decent beer 

 An alley 

 Fruit seller and statues 

 We saw a random stupa down a dark alley 

 Came upon this quiet square 

 Near Durbar square 

 2nd no alcohol day 

 Riks at Durbar 

 They have to make like 20 million of these or something - they are penis vaginas 

 Durbar Square Kathmandu 


 A dance 

 Puppets next to my bed


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