Sunday, May 15, 2011

St. Croix is for lovers - Part 3

The wedding day came. Girls did yoga on the beach with Spencer.  The guys went to go watch pigs drink beer and eat lobster at Cane Bay on the north side of St. Croix.  A day trip to gorgeous Buck Island here, swimming in the neon plankton of Salt Bay there, we had an excellent time.

My room was so full, some enterprising roommates set up shop on the balcony, earshot from the crashing waves.

The beach the morning of the wedding 

Spencer's morning yoga with the bridesmaids, and a strange bird in the foreground 

Hey odd fellow 

Looks like a nice place to downward dog 

Breakfast, this would be the last time to see Kristin before the wedding 
At first glance I thought this cat had a Hitler mustache 

We went to see pigs drink beer, but the last ones sadly passed away and the new pigs now only swill non-alcoholic beer due to health issues in their predecessors.
The bar by the pigs 

Beer drinkers in training 

The monsters suck down beers with the eyes of orcs

Nice nose buddy 

Ali's parkhour mute grab

Furmonster of the day - a harnessed beach fellow 
Cane bay beach 

More at Cane bay, we had a delicious lunch here

Our compound at night, I had moved on from my five roommate bachelor pad to digs with Kristin 

Here are some pictures around the Pelican Cove bar:

Island Benz 

The harbor 

Big Beard owns a fleet of boats and also married us 

Loading up to Buck Island, Jay is ready to go 
Our crew

Kristin with Chelsie and Grambezi 

Dad and Lisa 

Buck Island 

Storms brew

20 minutes later 

Kristin with my Dad and Mom 

Kristin with her Mom 

Heading around St. Croix 

Kristin found an island Lou 

His name is Skeeter and he is today's Furmonster of the day 

A real sea dog 

A walk up bar

Kristie and Kristin 

Interesting road in Christiansted 

Very Cambodian looking 

The blue sky through a colonial arch 

Entrance to Jolly Roger bar

Holden and Cathy 

Chickens just sort of walk around everywhere

A master architect at work


Just seeing what's up 

No permit chilling at 3 in the afternoon 

The fort in Christiansted

Kristin and Fallon 

A brow beaten Peters returns from an illustrious in town mission 


In the mornings, this weirdo hunted for fish in the pool 

Salt river, we kayaked in those clear kayaks through bio-luminescent plankton rich waters 
But first, we drank nuts 

Our guide doing something I don't quite remember

Old ham and Cathy set out northbound 

An old abandoned boat 

The cutest kayaking duo 

This next section is titled stuff in the water around Buck Island:

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