Sunday, May 26, 2013

Budva - The Russian Riviera of Montenegro

Heading south along the coast of Montenegro, we came upon the strange city of Budva.  For some reason, wealthy Russians have built Budva into a home away from home, and it is a strange and in parts beautiful place.  We saw totally chrome Audis, Lambo Aventadors, and all manner of other luxury brands - most driven by Russian looking men.  

The harbor is filled with yachts.  There is no shortage of upscale restaurants. But, the place is sort of this weird dicothomy of run down 80's Yugoslavia and nouveau riche Russia shipped in morsels into Budva.  So while some buildings decay, others are built up unchecked.  It is a weird place, especially around the beach outskirts.

 This is a pop lounge and seemed very Russian 

 Some key chains 

 A Harley Davidson restaurant 

 Abandoned building right on the Riviera

 Storms followed us all over Montenegro 

 Just an average scene 

 A bunch of decaying junk from another era 

 But worry not, a replica Eifel tower is being built 

 The beach 

 Playground with Russian funded high rise in the background 

 The old town of Budva on the horizon 

 The water front 

 Homes in old town 

 Old town is very quiet and charming 

 It is quite small, like a mini Dubrovnik 

 Church with 3 bells 

 Cat looks up from drinking rain water 

 wooden windows 

 A walk along the wall 

 Love teh house shaped chimneys 

 Roof cat 


 Yacht from Abu 

 Main street 

 The beach 

 An HDR of Old Budva


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