Thursday, May 30, 2013

Climbing the mountains behind Kotor

 After waiting small eternities for the skies to clear so we could climb the fortifications behind teh ancient city of Kotor, we found a few hour window to make the climb amidst cloudy skies and a tough beginning to the day.  While I did my morning routine just fine, Kristin was really dragging.  She managed to spill Cheerios all over our sink and accidentally put her pants on backwards.  I remember thinking, "yup, that's my climbing partner."

Of course, it was more of a pace up a few thousand steps than a true climb.  The weather was less than ideal, but the views were dizzying.

 The fjords of Montenegro 


 Lots of steps - not Kristin's cool fanny pack

 Most of the old forts are in ruin, and we were able to explore the remains 

 An old wall

 Steps to getting lost  for the third time 

 This reminded me of Tikal in Guatemala 

 Our clearest day yet!

5 shot HDR - unreal looking, but this is how it felt standing there 

 Just a little further 

 We are really high now 

 Pretty steep 

 racing ahead  to the top

 Imagine standing here while an army approaches from below 

 A guy selling sprites always ruins it

 Overgrown forts 

 The Montenegro flag waves 

 Goons in their climbing gear 

 Long way down 



 Old Kotor from above 

 Roof cat 

 A little beat