Saturday, May 25, 2013

Visiting Lokrum Island in Croatia

Lokrum Island is just a 20 minute ferry from the old harbor of Dubrovnik.  The island has great rocky beaches and supposedly the cleanest, clearest water in the Mediterranean.  Also, a lot of the Qarth scenes were filmed on Lokrum, so there was a lot of, "Hey I recognize that."

Scene from Qarth...I mean Lokrum

 We left the old port of Dubrovnik bound for Lokrum 

 It is hard to find any reason to leave Dubrovnik, but for a few hours on Lokrum, it seemed to be an even trade 

 Looking back at Dubrovnik's sea walls

 On Lokrum, the water is extremely clear - we were bummed we forgot our towels and suits

 The island is filled with the sounds of peacocks making their strange calls, it sounds like they are playing some peacock version of Marco Polo

 A bird strutting his stuff

 A game of ball

 The beaches were very rocky with plenty of places to climb down and swim 

 On the far side of the island, we saw one person 1/5 of the way in the water 

 Rocks and tide pools 

 A little area called the dead pool 

 Funny birds

 Ambling around like mini-dinosaurs 

 A footpath connects much of the island through Croat forest 

 A hallway featured on Qarth

 Love this doorway 

 A garden on Lokrum 

 An abandoned monastery

 Where are my dragons

 We stopped to have a sandwich with smoked Dalmatian ham - it was probably the highlight of my week - very simple, very good

 The small dock 

 Kayaks for rent 

 An anchor in grass

 A pink house on the perfect water
 Leaving Lokrum


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