Sunday, May 19, 2013

Road Trip: Dubrovnik to Mostar

We landed in Dubrovnik after missing our initial approach to the airport and being told that we could not land because of technical issues.  Not the words you want to hear above the Adriatic heading for the coast of Italy from Croatia.  It was very quiet and tense on Norwegian Air flight crappants.  We landed safely, and here is our trip from Dubrovnik to Mostar by car, which was very beautiful and simple, except for the part where the GPS took us up into the mountains to some "locals only" border crossing.  the guard held us for a little while and told us in broken English to go back to the shore.

The road trip was in my top 10 for sure, right up there with Toulouse to Andorra and Pokhara to Chitwan.  If you are considering renting a car and doing this journey -- Just do it.   It is an easy drive and dangerously breathtaking at points.

 We were greeted by fire trucks and had to wait on the plane until after inspection.  Second scariest flight ever, according to Kristin.  We were pretty sure the landing gear was malfunctioning.

 Our ride

 We stopped like 10 times to stare 

 Local flavor 


 More beautiful coastline 

 Driving fast and trying to keep eyes on road 


 How inviting does that water look?

 Water stop, Kristin and I wore are matching pants today!


 Found this after a wrong term towards Serbsville

 Farmland, the streets are lined with Croats selling fruits and stuff 
 Entering Bosnia And Herbia (what Kristin calls it)

 Our Hotel in Mostar  - the very cool Muslibegovic House - which is also a museum 


  1. Dubrovnik is a unique hoard of cultural, historical and artistic possessions. Its story has been written in stone - the everlasting symbol of strength and preservation.

  2. You had really beautiful ride. I would love to go for a road trip of this kind. Recently I have visited the whole Ireland by car it was an amazing journey. But before that I had to pass the driving test of Ireland. It was a little bit difficult. I had to join Arena driving school for making sure that I clear the test.