Monday, May 20, 2013

The food of Bosnia & Hercegovina


We did not know what to expect from Bosnian food.  To properly acquaint ourselves, we ordered a massive platter of local specialties (pictured above) at an outdoor cafe just steps from the famous Stari Most bridge.  From right, we had local onions, some kind of red sauce, sausages of lamb and veal which were incredible, Bosnian bread which tasted like the best parts of a grill, locally sourced sour cream and potatoes, some kind of extremely delicate beef brisket, spinach leaves stuffed with beef and rice, and cabbages stuffed with red pepper, meat, and other vegetables.  Lastly, some incredible little patties of goodness which we have no idea as to the origination.

 One of the restaurant's greeters wrangled us to a table

 The quaint little road our fave restaurant - Sadrvan - is on

 Pre meal smiles, also, Kristin did lots of shopping today for strange and exotic jewelry for very low prices

 Close-up of food

 Some kind of Bosnian pie

 Bosnian bread

 We were surrounded by about 7 cats 

Some lamps across the way


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