Saturday, May 25, 2013

Leaving Dubrovnik, Croatia

Leaving Dubrovnik was like leaving a friend's house too early.  But at least we were able to leave.  Croatia's national airline was on strike, stranding many in town.  We left by car, hugging the cliffs, piloted by Olga heading south for Montenegro - Black Mountains.

We left behind Croatia and its 4m Croatians, 1200 islands, and perfect water for a country we knew little about.  Here are some final pictures of Croatia.

 Croatia is 96% christian 

 We saw these Ghetto tags everywhere 

 Steps and bridges - makeshift spanning centuries

 The laundry reminds you that people live here

 Looks like a jerk to me 

 The only time we saw cars in old town was very early and very late, and we saw very few 

 Love the color 

 Some kind of church 

 I don's know what he is holding, but he is holding it tight 

 The stradum leading to the harbor 


 Roof detail 

 These steps begged to be climbed 

 Every day in Dubrovnik was perfect weather 

 Green shutters and stone 

 A quiet part of town 


 Red alleyway 


 This reminded me of Venice 

 Old town at night is very quiet
 Gorgeous door knob to our hotel 

 Golden nose 

 Damnit this is crooked 


 The cruise ship have these submersible looking ferries.  I cant tell if they are horrible or awesome, def not in between.

 The city walls 

 Just outside old town 


 Old town ramparts 

 An entrance to old town 

 Stradum mid-day 


 The most dramatic entrance to the old town 

 Jamming like a bard 

 Weird statue 

 Great columns 


 Door knocker 




 A game along the wall 

 Laundry and lots of pins 

 Lots of cats 

 Main road in old town quieting down 

 Dolce Vita - best gelato in Dubrovnik 

 Bird hover a tower 

 Rain our last night


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