Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The greatest sandwich ever

Tarifa, Spain 2008.  I ate the best sandwich ever much to the ire of my brother.  It had traveled to two continents prior to being consumed.  It was a foot long and about 1 inch wide.  It was a weird little sub, long on flavor and perfect in its simplicity.  I think it was filled with egg and cheese, but who really knows for sure.

I don't even remember.  I trudged back to my time capsule of a myspace page to read the old blog about this sandwich.  Information is scarce and I could only find a few lines.  How good was that sandwich?  I may never know again.  If I ever invent a time machine, then I will investigate this before I tell my old self to stay in college for a few more years.  Oh wait, I already did that.

But whatever.  A new sandwich was crowned best sandwich ever today.  It was purchased outside Kotor in Montenegro for about 2 euros.  It was filled with Dalmatian cured ham, some kind of god cheese, and bright red local tomatoes.  This was all on a warm homemade loaf of flaky bread.  I loved that sandwich.

The place that sold us the sandwiches does not even sell sandwiches.  That is what makes it even more incredible.  They made these beauties just for us.

Point of purchase 

Trophies and bread 

Local cheese 

great deco 

She doesnt even know this wich is about to blow her mind




Oh dear lord

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