Thursday, May 16, 2013

Finding peace in Finland - More from the country that birthed Teemu Selanne

The day proved long and eventful.  We began with a long stroll to the island of Seurasaari - a peaceful enclave just outside central Helsinki.  When we arrived it was peaceful - we had the island to ourselves, save for some pointy eared squirrels.  Peace was broken.  It seemed that all of the Helsinki schoolchildren had some sort of field day spanning the island's extremes.

We saw odd Scandinavian games, some resembling Stinky Grundlefingers, others looked like psychic red rover with teachers carrying around pool toys filled with beads and shouting strange words.  It was odd, and loud, but also wildly entertaining.  We were also able to sneak in to the park for free, using the kids as a diversion.  This was a huge boon for us as we are on day two of our first ever trip with budgeting, and it has become a sort of game for us.  A great and annoying game.

After exploring the island, we ordered some food served from stalls right off the market center, right on the water.  All manner of sea birds tried to steal Kristin's fresh fried salmon, but completely ignored my strange and delicious rice dish.

Flanked (or chased) by seabirds, we headed for a strange sea fortress at the furthest reaches of Helsinki's bay.  We found hobbit houses and numerous sun bathers lounging on seaside rocks.  We finished off our day with a fashion show and Kebabs.  And the day will never truly end - I don't think the sun completely sets...

 Out front of an important Finnish building 

 This was a very tall building with strange masonry 

 Fanny packed - trying to pull it off

 Just minutes from central Helsinki - it is a well balanced city 

 The harbor is dotted with islands 

 A little guy snacking 

 A house on a wild island 

 Believe it or not - he was kind of a jerk 

 Not social at all 

 A restaurant on Seurasaari Island 


 The goons in good spirits 

 Log cabin and mag pie themed windmill

 A Finnish palace

 A boat for exporting tar 

 This house looks like a robot head

 Some kids 

 On the waterfront 

 I bought the rice and chicken at far left.  if I die of food poisoning, then it is that guys fault.

 Kristin's salmon, potatoes, and veggies 

 Cafe Emma serves 2 dishes 

 Mine, birds do not like it 

 A line!

 Kristin fending off birds and eating 

 Made from reindeer

 2 heads 

 Market center with the Esplande in the background 

 The gold glimmers from a few clicks off shore 

 The Lutheran Cathedral in the distance

 Epic innards

 Mini love locks 

 For scale 

 Which one?

 Lutheran Cathedral 

 We ate some and felt bad about it.  I was even full beforehand...

 Our boat to Suomenlinna - the sea fortress

 Perro of the day 

 Fresh fish 

 House on a boat in the bay 


 Helsinki from afar

 Church on Suomenlinna


 Love this weird building 

 Dank hallways 


A random concert - they played 1 song, something about Helsinki

 This statue has crap all over its head

 Along the Esplande 


 Oh the pageantry...
Missioni robe

 Remains of the day 

 A square 

 An owl 

Helsinki has a great modern/old mix, but the city is not very old at all - most of it is 19th century gear

Across a lake


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