Thursday, May 30, 2013

The path to Njegos Mausoleum atop Mt. Lovcen

The road was too wet, the winds too strong, and the rains too hard.  As we ascended Mt. Lovcen in a beat down Skoda with our great driver "John" aka Cizmovik aka Clutchmaster Supreme, we decided to head back down, failing to reach our summit where the old prince bishop of Montenegro was put to rest - Petar II Petrovic-Njegos aka the Shakespeare of Montenegro.  We gave up halfway up the mountain.

As we went around the mountain, our driver stewed, feeling more guilty with each km.  He wanted us to see the top sight in Montenegro, so he made another run at the mountain from the other side.  He assured us that we would not miss our flight later that day and tossed the taxi meter out the window.

 A great beach that we never visited 


 Heading for the mountain

 Are we there yet?

 Speeding through forests 

 The view on the way up 

 The final climb up stairs and through the tunnel with a bunch of people smoking 

 The Njegos 

 After all that, we didn't go in 

 But we stayed for the views 

 The Bay of Kotor in the distance 

 Some snow up here 

 Mountain village 

 Podgorica Airport 

Later Montenegro


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