Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque of Mostar

One of Bosnia and Herzgovina's most picturesque mosques sits quietly perched on a bank of the Neretva river.  It is not extraordinary, but just looks perfect next to the flowing green river. Open since 1617, the mosque has been around since Ottoman times and flanks one of the oldest markets in Mostar, where travelers can buy local fruits, pomegranates, and honey.

 Inside the mosque, a Bosnian woman strolls by 

 The mosque courtyard houses a small market 

 And an old graveyard 

 Strange Mannequins 

 The minaret and the sun

 Daytime over the green river 

 A red hue 

 Looming over the market is another minaret that i am just noticing now is from a different mosque, but I don;t care - it makes the cut...


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