Saturday, May 18, 2013

Exploring old town Tallinn, Estonia

HDR of Old Town Tallinn, 5 shots, -2 to +2

View from the hill

An old arched opening leaving the old town

 I think this is a restaurant 

 Fishing with my buds 

 Toompea Hill - the seat of Estonian government and yet frozen in some other age
 The coolest thing about Estonia is that no two building are the same, at least i could not find any 

A club 

 tallinn had these treasure chests everywhere 

 Inside a cathedral 

 First Texas restaurant in Tallinn old town 

Second Texas restaurant in Tallinn old town 

 Estonian country resto 

 Where r my dragins?
 Old Town square 


 Colorful buildings in old town square 

 Great art

 Modernish Tallinn

 I.m watching you!

 An old well 

 A nice place to relax 

 I have no idea 

 A colorful corner of the world

 I think these girls were peddling nuts - they probably hit Estonia's world class club scene later in the white night 

 Cool old porsche 

 Relaxing square was packed with loitering retirees, sweater wearers, and the odd guy in chainmail 

 Who is this guy 

 Another boring picture of a building, but just trying to give you a feel for the square

 Da club

 A mixology bar 

 Typical scene 

 Creepy Puppets

 Love teh way the cobbled streets look, don't love the way they are constantly conspiring to break my ankles

 Relaxing at Kllostriatt

 Tallinn has many great store signs 

 Lots of funky shops that sell wooden toys, 3 foot long beanies, and even swords

 Below ground shops are especially inviting.  This one is a holdover from the USSR era

 The edge of old town, with the new city looming 


 Truth: No two rooftops are the same 

 Those things are beanies, very long and strange 

 Oldest stone building in Tallinn, like 700+ years old

 What is Kristin doing here?

 Just a quiet, great, frameable street 

 A perfect door for writing stuff on?

 Another great sign 

 We stopped for a cup of tea in a cool tea store 

 Som much variety 

 Cheap and relaxing.  We even found some Estonian tea on the way out.  It's true - it exists.


 An old blacksmith shop 

 Swords and grills

 A strange building - very wabi sabi 


 From that tower, you get...

 This view

 Someones doorway, just gorgeous deconsruction going on here 


 K hamming 

 More ham - this is moments before we had to climb a very tall tower 

 Doorway to
 A while of this 

 No idea

 Antique store signage 

 Pink building are all the rage 

 Street corner where Kristin bought teh world's worst $5 magnet so she could use the bathroom - still got charged to use the bathroom 

 I don;t know either.  Nuku looks fun.


 Cool Alexander Cath

 So crowded 

Estonian government is still run out of this building


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