Sunday, June 2, 2013

Arriving in Budapest

HDR - From Buda, looking out at Pest
We finally arrived in Budapest after an uneventful drive from Slovakia.  Truth be told, I do not even remember it.  We scooped up my grandparents at the airport and headed for our hotel in Pest - Hotel Palazzo Zichy.

 We passed by busy squares 

 The Hungarian language - Magyar - is very strange for outsiders.  It is hard to get a handle on.

 We stopped by a 24/7 convenience store that was blaring house music and had disco lights and strobes.  It had narrow aisles and some people were dancing - Kristin included.

 Church at night 

 An old Hungarian building 

 My grandfather and I eating Hungarian food

 Our bed at Palazzo Zichy - very comfortable, but the pillows were thinner than freaking pancakes


 A worn leather couch 




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